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Immanuel Vision
Years ago, it was at the bidding of the Creator, the dream of having Immanuel Vision’s own studio, sprouted. While informing that we could during this period complete motion pictures based on Jesus the Living Word, who sacrificed his life for us on the Holy Wood (cross) and also a studio which may not be as grand as Hollywood, Bollywood, Mollywood, or Kollywood, but with sufficient facilities for making products of the Kingdom of God, in a modest way at Immanuel, the God’s workshop; we offer thousands and thousands of thanks to the Good Lord.


Wann: Mi. 29. August -Sa.01.September 2018

Leitung: P. Michael PANACHICKAL VC  Sr.Elsis MATHEW MSMI  Br.ARAVINDAKSHAN MENON  Br.Mario JOSEPH  Fr.Jyotsna K.PAUL  Beginn: Mi. 8.30 - ca.20:00 Uhr



Tomorrow 9th June please do not forget to watch in Ubahn stations, autobuses and trams in VIENNA city ..... wherever the Info Tafel is. Because we are showing the face of Jesus Christ on the screen.....

This is one of the projects of Immanuel Vision in this year of mercy.

Please pray for this mission so that this may touch people's heart.....





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“If you do not utilize new media to spread the message of Jesus, to the required degree, Church will have to account for it, in front of the Lord. It is a great gift, that, God has given, to discover truth and spread it around. Your deficiencies and faults should not frighten you. Because the Holy Lord has assured us, that to the end of the world, he will be with us. God with us – Immanuel.”

Blessed Pope John Paul II